Our original concept allows us to create several colorful face paintings simultaneously in a record time!

No more boring long waiting lines! Your turn will come fast and meanwhile, you watch other people being transformed to the sound of music and laughter.


Eager for strong sensations and hilarious situations, Flash Tribu’s face painters searched  ( in all humility..!!) for a way to reinvent the wheel.


Our idea : Create large wheels of hazard decide for us! With each spin, the wheels will give infinite and unexpected combinations…participants, crowd and even the face painters will be on their toes waiting for the result of the roulettes’s spin….never the same make-up, guaranteed!


A pink zombie painted to the sound of  hawaian soundtrack?

A ninja-princess painted on electro-spatial music?


From the most refined to the wackiest…colors and accessories for hair included.

Flash Tribu…a face painting get-together with a new spin!

Come and try the experience!

Adaptable to both kids and adults..will you dare becoming a member of our Tribu?

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