The Team

Marie-Hélène Pagé


Energetic and colorful, Marie-Hélène Pagé is a passionate!

Invited as an "extreme" makeup artist, she has been an active participant for 30 years in an impressive number of public performers (buskers) festivals, children's festivals and international corporate events in Canada and the United States.

A born organizer, she also orchestrates the logistics of corporate art events in Quebec.

Buyer and trend searcher for a large toy store for the past ten years, she participated in various international buyers fairs in Germany, United States and Canada. The expertise gained allows her to take the pulse of current trends and innovations in the world of children's entertainment. 

Happy energy and an eye for beauty are an asset for a face painting team !

Claire-Alexie Turcot


Claire-Alexie Turcot, began her career as a makeup artist at the age of 18.

Her college studies in  dancing lead her to a career in the performing arts. Between 1998 and 2003, she travels the world as a comedian with the Eos Circus and specializes meanwhile in fantasy makeup at a number of festivals and events in Quebec and Ontario.

In partnership with Jean-Pierre Cloutier and Benoît Lemay, she co-founds a Body Painting company celebrating pregnant women.

A graduate in sculpture from the MMAQ since 2006, she has since been an active participant in numerous wood sculpture symposiums in Europe and had the honor of winning first prizes in Italy in various recent contributions.

Her unique talent combined with her crazy humour make a winning duo…!

Chantale Morneau

Precious collaborator

Chantal Morneau began her makeup artist career in 1995.

Her studies in Theatre production, lead her to stage makeup and later on to short films makeup, special effects and fantasy makeup.

In 2003, she completed additional training in refining casts and prosthetic makeup creations as well as transgender makeup. Following this training, she supervises some makeup courses at the CEGEP Garneau as well as some of their productions.

Her personal realizations include the makeup conception for the play "Bug" at the Theatre de La Licorne in Montreal and working as an assistant makeup artist at the theatre de La Bordée and, the Quebec Opera.

Over a 20 years span, she has been an active participant in a number of festivals in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and the United States. 

Her contagious smile and her amazingly precise brushstoke make her a special member  of the team!

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